InLei® - Lash Filler Full Kit (Pro Version) + Conversion Course


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Welcome to InLei® - Conversion Course - Everything you need to know about before switching from the other systems you use

Getting inconsistent results or underwhelming lash lifts? Thinking about switching from the usual system you use but don’t know where to start?

Want to offer a safe and gentle treatment to your client? Would love not to only give a curl but also provide nourishment to your client’s eyelashes?

If this is about you, you are at the right place :) We know how hard it is to start using something new especially if you have had your favourites for years so we decided to create this webinar for those who would like to change to InLei.

InLei Professional range are the highest quality products made in Italy that give natural lashes beautiful curl and nourishment. InLei Lash solutions are the only products in the world clinically tested in its effectiveness of thickening of the hair that increases on average by 24% in just three sessions.


Why is it different?

New innovative formula of the InLei "FILLER 3" allows the micro particles of the filler to penetrate inside the hair gently, bonding to the keratin fibres of the hair itself. It guarantees a stable result and great effectiveness of nourishment and thickening giving new silkiness to eyelashes. The  LASH FILLER treatment has the ability to reach up to the hair bulb feeding them and working also in the following months after the treatment on the structure of the hair bulb.

Our conversion webinar will help you learn more about the product range, how it works, what ingredients it contains and what makes it so special and different from all other.

This webinar is a starting point of your InLei journey and will be helpful for those who are already experienced and know how to do lash lifts but just unsure about a new product range and would like to learn the specifics.

Dive into an hour and a half of video lessons that will take you through the main things you need to know about InLei before purchasing a kit.

Subjects explained in the webinar

  • Welcome word
  • Chapter 1 – Lash Filler History
  • Chapter 2 – Lash Filler Strengths
  • Chapter 3 – Clinical test and trials performed on product range
  • Chapter 4 – What happens inside of our hair during the treatment
  • Chapter 5 – What is pH level and why it is important to know pH level of your products
  • Chapter 6 – Chemical bonds in our hairs
  • Chapters 7 – Lash Filler ingredients
  • Chapter 8 – InLei Lash & Brow Tints
  • Chapter 9 – InLei Silicone Shields
  • Chapter 10 – InLei Tools & Accessories
  • Chapter 11 – InLei Pre & Aftercare 


  • 11 Video Lessons
  • PDF Manual
  • Worldwide Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • 10% Discount Code valid on all InLei range
  • Access To Exclusive Facebook Group



The webinar doesn’t show the treatment process and application techniques as we strongly believe Lash Lifting is an art that can only be explained and learnt in person. We would absolutely love to see you at our courses where you will dive in into all the theory and science behind lash lifts as well as will learn how to safely perform the treatment, how to correctly choose the shields, how to master your solutions application, how to create different styles in lash lifts depending on your client type of eyes and features as well as how to choose correct processing times and much more.


Our 2-day courses explore the official InLei® Lash Filler working protocol from a chemical and technical point of view: only by knowing it perfectly will you be able to get the most out of each treatment and guarantee an amazing result to your customers.

During in person training, you will watch the demonstration of the treatment as well as will have 2 models to practice our new skill to get you feel confident providing the service. The class will have limited participants to ensure everyone gets detailed attention and there when you need. The training also includes a full kit that is enough for 30 treatments. We will also provide a detailed manual that you can refer to after the training.


We currently offer courses at three locations:

Melbourne, VIC

Sydney, NSW

Gold Coast, QLD

For more information about the courses, please visit our training page: 


This webinar is not an accredited training program. It does not lead to formal certification or accreditation recognized by any governing body or educational institution.

This webinar doesn’t include video demonstrations of the treatment.