InLei® - "SOFTIES" Micro Fibre Lip Applicator Brushes (50 pcs)


InLei® SOFTIES brushes are perfect for degreasing natural eyelashes before eyelash extension treatment or for applying the remover when doing a total removal of the extensions.
  • Disposable brushes
  • Soft microfibre tip
  • Pack of 50 pieces

During the Lash Filler treatment they help to finish and fix the eyelash line: combined with InLei® Helper, InLei® Fillering and InLei® Minions you will get a real professional result!

They allow you to correct errors when applying glue, so they are essential!

With the help of the SOFTIES you can perfect the application of the eyelashes on the curler until they are perfectly divided and parallel.

In addition, they also help you clean dye residues and remove any residue from the skin.

The soft head of these toothbrushes is perfect for coming into contact with the skin, even when it comes to cleaning the very delicate skin of the eyelid.

These small disposable tools are hygienic, practical and performing, guarantee precision work and leave no lint during use.

Black plastic handle and white tip in top quality microfiber.

Each package has 50 pieces inside.