InLei® - Picasso Brush (Straight, no angle)


Ever had to offer a refund because your client was unhappy with the final results of their lash lift?

This could be because of inaccurate product placement! 

Inaccurate product placement causes the lashes to over-process and become frizzy! The Picasso has been specifically designed so that its straight cut brush head gives you precision and control in the application of your lash treatment products! 

The straight cut of the InLei Picasso brush has been specially designed to allow precise, controlled application of your lash and brow treatment products. 

- 100% made in Italy
- Tip: synthetic, fine, purple hairs. Resistant to wear, balance, colour retention, elasticity
- Handle: double layer of silicone-based acrylic paint. Water and disinfection resistant, made of birch wood: brightness and strength.
- Double-layered brass surface.

The outcome? Happy customers with beautifully lifted lashes!