InLei® - "MINIONS" Micro Applicators for Eyelashes (100 pcs)


Microbrushes - MINIONS are disposable micro-toothbrushes with a fine microfiber tip.

Ideal for all precision work and always at hand thanks to the plastic container that keeps them perfectly clean. 

  • Thin microfiber tip
  • Convenient container
  • Handle color green Brand InLei®
  • 100pcs

Microbrushes - MINIONS are essential helpers in micro-works, such as:

  • Degrease eyelashes with InLei Saline Pretreatment, before proceeding with the Lash Filler treatment
  • Clean the roots of the eyelashes (the infra-eyelash line), from the glue and / or dye, at the end of the treatment
  • Spread the lashes, which grow too high on the eyelid, compared to the lash line
  • Adjust the distance between the silicone curler and the lash line
  • Define the dye in the edges, during the colouring of the eyebrows.