InLei® - Mapping Thread - Brown


Pre-inked eyebrow mapping thread allows you to draw precise, symmetrical and defined design lines quickly and easily. The line glides delicately on the skin and does not feel oily.

  • Brown color
  • 30m long
  • High-quality glass packaging
  • Extra-resistant
  • Thread -cutting metal tab
  • Performs 70/95 treatments

The brpwn-soaked architectural thread is suitable for working on both light and dark skin tones. InLei® Brown Thread is made of bamboo fiber, which is very delicate on the skin. Furthermore, the thread is ultra-thin and rich in ink, allowing you to draw clear lines easily, without the need to press excessively.

Each portion of thread can draw over 10 lines before running out of ink. With one bottle you can perform approximately 70/95 treatments depending on the length of the thread used for each client and/or depending on your preference. 

It is the best tool for designing with the brow shape with extreme precision in perfect harmony with the face. 

The brown color helps to obtain a very clean and defined mapping. It leaves no smudges and is absolutely not oily. It simplifies your work and ensures you obtain professional and hyper-precise results in just a few steps.

The glass packaging, elegant and resistant, ensures perfect preservation of the thread which remains properly soaked and does not dry out in the long run. Furthermore, this container perfectly blocks the pre-inked thread, helping you to always keep your work station clean.