InLei® - FILLERING - Professional lash tool (two sides)


Inlei Fillering tool is revolutionary made in Italy tool from tip to tip! The creation of the Fillering was inspired by technicians who require the use of tools of maximum precision and comfort every day.

The tool has a double function that contains many possibilities of use during processing:

Sharp tip: spreading the natural lashes on the silicone curler; natural lash alignment.
Tip with ball: performs the delicate function of removing the lower lashes from under the pad, at the time of coloring; allows you to work the tiny lashes in the delicate inner corner

Lash lifts take a high amount of attention to detail, concentration and skill. Take your skill to the next level with InLei Lash lift tool!

Made in Italy
Anodized aluminum handle with AISI 302 stainless steel tips
Length  - 13.6 cm