InLei® - F360 Sanitiser Spray, 500ml


InLei F360 Sanitiser Spray is a water-alcohol combination of active detergent-disinfectant ingredients, meaning it is perfectly formulated to protect youand your customers. 

  • Highly effective alcohol sanitising spray, Kills 99% of germs and bacteria
  • Suitable for use on metal, glass, plastic, plexiglass, wood and painted surfaces
  • Fast acting with no streaks or sticky residue
  • 500ml easy to dispense trigger spray
  • No water required
  • Made in Italy

Instructions for use

Inlei F360 comes ready to use! Just spray onto the surface to be cleaned, leave for a few seconds then wipe clean with a tissue or cloth.

Inlei F360 Sanitiser Spray is easy and convenient to use - no rinsing required!