InLei® - Leonardo Brush (Oblique Angle)


The InLei® LEONARDO brush has an oblique angle designed to precisely apply   InLei® Form1 and Fix2 on the eyelashes. 

  • Quality 100% Made in Italy
  • Brush resistant to water and disinfection (does not suffer damage)
  • Oblique cut tip: wear-resistant, balanced softness, color tightness, elasticity
  • Soft and ultra-thin bristles for real works of art
  • Synthetic double-coloured bristles that facilitate uniform application of the product (do not absorb the product unnecessarily)
  • Innovative satin black wood handle, made from birch wood
  • Nickel-plated brass ferrule with double throttling
  • Lightweight, practical and durable brush
  • Length and width are designed to give maximum comfort and precision
  • Usage Tips: Useful for spreading lamination substances

Each individual yarn, which makes up the bristles of the InLei® LEONARDO brush, ends in an extra-fine tip with double color. Their particular conformation guarantees a precise, perfect and impeccable product application.

The oblique cut of the bristles allows you to create a thin layer by arranging the product with the right amount and precision.
The nickel-plated brass ring with double throttling ensures maximum firmness to the brush bristles. The birch wood handle is extremely light and handy but of great strength that will guarantee you a long life over time. While the black satin finish in addition to making it elegant ensures maximum water resistance.


  • Wash the bristles with running water and mild soap.
  • immerse the tip for 10-15 minutes in InLei® F Plus.
  • rinse with water and dry very well with a cloth.