InLei® - Lash Filler 25.9 Pro Kit (New)


Introducing new era of Lash Filler® treatment, InLei® Lash Filler 25.9! 

InLei® Lash Filler 25.9 is an advanced professional treatment that acts both on an aesthetic level through the curvature and dyeing of the hair, and on a structural level, guaranteeing a thickening of 25% and an elongation of 9%. The results are obtained following the official InLei® Lash Filler 25.9 working protocol and are clinically proven by efficacy tests.
The functional substances of this treatment give silkiness, deeply nourish and fortify the external surface of the hair . This is the first InLei protocol composed of products with vegan certifications.

  • 100% Made In Italy 
  • Clinically proven results from efficacy tests 
  • 25% thickening in three sessions
  • 9% lengthening in three sessions
  • Contents: sufficient to perform approximately 30/35 treatments

The kit contains:

  • The kit contains the complete line of solutions and necessary accessories to perform the Lash Filler 25.9 treatment:

    • InLei® TOTAL 10 - 10 pairs of different curlers
    • InLei® LASH FORM 1 perming solution made specifically for eyelashes
    • InLei® LASH FIX 2 fixing solution made specifically for eyelashes
    • InLei® LASH FILLER 3 nutrient-based eyelash filler
    • InLei® LASH MOLECULAR 4 molecular reconstruction for eyelashes 
    • InLei® MOUSSE MAGICA professional shampoo for eyelashes 
    • InLei® SHINY BLACK black tint for eyelashes and eyebrows
    • InLei® DEVELOPER CREAM 1,5% 5 Vol. oxidizing cream for tint
    • InLei® FIXING GEL water-soluble glue for eyelashes
    • InLei® LEONARDO professional angled brush
    • InLei® HELPER - eyelash alignment tool
    • InLei® FILLERING multifunctional tool for eyelashes
    • InLei® SOLO bowl for solutions or tint
    • MANUAL with instructions for use/warnings / (provided in 19 languages)


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