InLei® - "ADIUTRIX" Lash and Brow Growth Serum, 5ml (RRP $79.95 Each) (Wholesale 5 pack)


RRP Each $79.95

RRP Pack of 5 - $399.75

Wholesale discount from RRP is 30%

InLei® Adiutrix is ​​a serum born from the union of advanced technologies of plant origin, which stimulate the lengthening of the hair, give volume and increase the shine of the entire structure.
Equipped with a carefully chosen brush, with soft and thick bristles specially designed to wrap the hair completely, favouring the correct absorption of the product.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Easy application
  • Apply morning and evening to clean hair
  • Use consistently for 40/50 days
  • Content: 5 ml

Spread the product on the lashes and / or eyebrows, stroking each hair from the root to the tip. 

Use morning and evening on clean hair. 

Make a swipe from the bottom to the other, if the lashes / eyebrows are very thick, repeat a second time. 

Once applied, let the product dry for a few moments.